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Unganisha Elimisha

The mission of CA Tanzania is to support people living with autism and co-occurring conditions through capacity building, advocacy, community awareness and developing opportunities for success.

In February this year, CA Tanzania conducted a two day seminar at Oljoro vocational training center to educate 360 students and 37 staff members about people with cognitive disabilities and other co-occurring conditions. The goal of the seminar was to create awareness about people with cognitive disabilities and demonstrate how vocational training can help people with intellectual disabilities achieve their dreams.

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On March 8th CA Tanzania conducted a two day seminar at SIHA District educating 300 women from 17 different wards about people with cognitive challenges. During this seminar, CA Tanzania was able to cover following topics: Meaning and types of intellectual disabilities, causes of cognitive disabilities, and the importance of early identification. The seminar was officially opened by the District Commissioner who was accompanied by DR  Godwin Mollel, a member of the parliament, who insisted women be good ambassadors to spread the information from the seminar to those who were not able to attend.

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Unganisha Elimisha