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Unganisha Elimisha

CA Tanzania seeks ways to connect Tanzania’s leading
professionals in autism and international authorities/teachers
with local advocates, educators and service providers.  
It is through this kind of networking, communicating and
sharing of both knowledge and local challenges that the
needs of the autistic can be recognized and addressed.

We work closely with government schools, NGOs and local
community centers, placing professionals and therapists
whenever possible.  In 2017 Dr. Anita Zacharias, a pediatrician

from Germany who has extensive experience working with
individuals with autism, completed a three week volunteer
placement with Connects Autism Tanzania.  Dr. Anita visited
local schools to train teachers, met with government officials to
discuss the state of special education in Tanzania, and 
held a training for parents of children with autism, which was a
first for many parents.

255 (0) 713 401 595


CA Tanzania develops and distributes disability education resources, including general information sheets, autism-specific materials, and lesson plan ideas to use for students with multiple needs within educational settings.

Resource referrals:  CA Tanzania connects information and service providers with whose seeking guidance and knowledge.  For more information, please visit our Resources page. We believe that the global disabilities community is one community and we try to help Tanzanians access this community whenever possible.

Information Distribution  

“If positive attitude on Autism for children and others with special needs is seen in the society it will be easy to save the coming generation.”

(Parent, Moshi)

Unganisha Elimisha