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Unganisha Elimisha

​with the Community

We work with parents and family members of children with autism and co-occurring conditions as well as the community at large to educate people about developmental disabilities, identify the signs during the early years and thereby combat the negative stigma that currently exists. 
We invite all segments of society to disability education seminars, enabling parents, families, teachers, healthcare professionals and other members of the community to learn ways that will enable them to better support people with autism and co-occurring conditions. 

Educational Seminars & Trainings

We provide training seminars for NGOs, businesses and private schools to share fundamental information about disabilities and functional strategies to integrate individuals with autism and co-occurring conditions into society and the workplace.  

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Unganisha Elimisha

Working with Businesses and NGOs 


​with the Government 

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Education we hold seminars and trainings for teachers in government schools, provide resources and support teachers to find innovative ways to help these children learn and succeed. 
We inform government officials and work closely with district education officers, social welfare officers, and healthcare workers to educate them on the need for improved special needs services at both a community and national level.