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Unganisha Elimisha

Workshop Follow-Up

November School Visits

November VETA Training

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  • Intellectual Impairment and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Application of the Assessment of Basic Language & Learning Skills (ABLLS)
  • Preparation of Individual Education Programs (IEPs)Type your paragraph here.

From September 10th – 14th CAT followed through on its goal of working closely with active special units to implement strategies for the cognitively impaired with a one-week Workshop in the SIHA District.  65 participants attended the Workshop including district special need teachers, social workers, educational officers, the District Quality Assurance Team, teachers from SECOM Special Needs University, graduate teachers from UDOM University, ward coordinators, representatives of Microfinance Health Assurance, the SIHA Director, and parents and children with cognitive disabilities.  The Workshop covered key concepts of:

The Connects Autism Tanzania team made a visit to the Salvation Army Primary School for Youth with Physical Disabilities and Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School for students who are visually and hearing impaired.  The aim of the visit was to share some challenges facing the center and advice the administration to organize the vocation training center for the youth to get knowledge which could support them after primary level education.  


Unganisha Elimisha

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1st November CAT team made follow up to Chang'ombe Vocational Training Centre in Dar es salaam to oversee different activities done by youth with disabilities after IEP seminar attended by Mr. Kintu 2017 at Moshi District. Mr Kintu uses IEP knowledge he got to create awareness in sabasaba exhibition and educate community important of early intervention to youth with disabilities and encouraged the parents to take youth with disabilities to school or in vocational training center instead of locking them in. People saw some goods made by youth with disabilities which contributed the  increment of the youth at the center from one youth in 2017 to 20 youth in 2018 who are learning welding.

The workshop served to encourage even more active enrollment of children with cognitive disabilities in schools.  This is a major step forward particularly for the Maasai population of this District, who have little understanding about autism and other such conditions.  The sharing of information on practical matters such as medical care and health insurance also promoted a more positive attitude on the part of parents toward educating and integrating their children.Type your paragraph here.

In October, officials from Connects Autism Tanzania visited schools to follow up on the September Workshop.  CAT led a team visited four centers to see how teachers were applying what they learned: Sanya Juu Special Education Center, Tumaini Special Education Center, Karansi Special Education Center and Naibili Special Education Center.  

Teachers reported that they were finding the IEP tool to be helpful but emphasized that it would take a while to fully use it given classroom restrictions.  

While a lack of teachers and teaching and stimulation resources, poor training in basic classroom management and a lack of transportation hinder progress, these are unprecedented first steps toward more effective education of all children with special needs.  SIHA, with CAT’s support, can serve as a model for other districts in and beyond this region of Tanzania.

CAT Facilitates IEP Instruction