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On April 6th, CA Tanzania raised Autism awareness in Arusha City through an awareness march. More than 1000 community members and schools participated. The aim of the march was to raise awareness about autism and to help eliminate discrimination and stigma towards people with Autism and other co-occurring conditions. 

During this event, youth with Autism and other co-occurring challenges were able to show the community their talents and fight for an equal chance of education, vocational training, and employment.

Kilimanjaro Region Activities

Arusha District Activities: 

Unganisha Elimisha

Over 200 community members joined the event. Civil servants from the District Office of Education, parents, mental health professionals, social workers, community members, and local politicians participated. Jerry Muro, a Meru District Commissioner, spoke about the importance of early intervention and discussed the government's new school for people with Autism and other disabilities that was built at Patandi in the Meru District. He also insisted that parents to cooperate by sending  youth with Autism and cognitive disabilities to school to get an education for their future. His speech was broadcast all over Tanzania on the radio and in newspapers.

Meru District Activities: 

In the Kilimanjaro region, CA Tanzania joined SIHA District and Mwanga District to celebrate World Autism Day. In the SIHA District, 70 community members including SIHA educational officers, teachers, youth with Autism, parents and other stake holders participated  by planting trees around Sanya Juu inclusive primary school.

Special educational officers at Sanya Juu gave a report about the identification clinic held at SIHA in 2019 where 164 children attended and 70 of them found with cognitive disability.

On April 11th  CA Tanzania joined Meru District of Arusha region to celebrate World Autism Day by planting trees at Leganga town and at Leganga inclusive primary school. The trees were each planted by a pair of students; one with autism and the other without. The aim of the activity was to be inclusive and promote positive relationships.


CA Tanzania Participates in World Autism Day

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Pan African Congress on Autism in Nairobi, Kenya

CA Tanzania also joined Mwanga District where more than 100 community members joined to celebrate the day at KWAMAVUSHA Inclusive Primary School by planting trees.

During world Autism awareness day CA Tanzania was able to educate people on:

  • Rights of people with Autism and other co- occurring conditions
  • Importance of vocational training centers for people with Autism
  • Scarcity of opportunities given by the government
  • Importance of early identification to people with Autism and cognitive disability.

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognized day that encourages member states of the United Nations to take measures to raise awareness about people with Autism throughout the world.

In April, CA Tanzania joined the world to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. CA Tanzania participated in a variety of activities in the Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions of Tanzania. CA Tanzania led marches, seminars, workshops, social media awareness campaigns, tree planting activities and more throughout the month of April.

On April 25-27th, CA Tanzania represented Tanzania at the Pan African Congress on Autism in Nairobi, Kenya. CA Tanzania joined leading researchers, medical professionals, therapists, special education teachers, and stakeholders to learn the latest research and strategies for identifying and working with individuals with autism. More than 20 countries attended the workshop, including individuals from Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leon, and South Africa.

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