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  • 4 districts created action plans to start inclusion programs in 2 pilot schools in their districts, totaling a plan of 8 pilot programs by the end of 2020

  • 5 schools have already started some type of inclusive programming

  • 36 students are now included in regular classrooms of 3 schools for certain subjects

  • 2 schools have started inclusive activities for morning assembly, lunch and break periods with plans to expand

  • 7 students were identified for relocation to an inclusive pilot school

  • 7 of our 10 students were connected to economic development and life skills experiences in their communities. They started learning about gardening, butter making, packaging, and soap making.

  • 3 of our students were accepted into training programs to learn about tourism and sewing that will start when schools open again.Type your paragraph here.

To open more doors to education, CAT has joined with key government officials and other NGOs to educate and train teachers and education officers about inclusive education. The goal of these trainings is to encourage and assist local governments to initiate pilot inclusion programs at targeted schools with special needs students. Multiple seminars occurred at the end of 2019 and this quarter to undertake this goal. To date we are happy to report:

The impact of Covid-19 in Tanzania is just starting to be seen. School closed on March 17th, followed by grounded planes, cut off imports and businesses closing.  With cases going up by the day and the economy struggling due to the worldwide shut downs, it is expected to not only be a health crisis but an economic one for our country and the families we support.  To help those in our youth center, we have been able to give out food packages to help them during this time.  One of our youth has started to sew greatly needed masks for the community and we have made radio broadcasts about how to be aware of  those society who are non-verbal.  CAT will do everything in its power to continue to educate the public about autism and other disabilities during this global pandemic and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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This year for World Autism Awareness Month, CAT will be raising awareness about autism through a Radio Campaign.

Every week the CAT Executive Director and CAT Facilitators will appear on a 1 hour broadcast on 2 different radio stations speaking about autism, inclusion and health while also answer questions from callers.

CAT will also “Light it Up Blue” in Arusha with blue billboard messages on electronic billboards in 2 major intersections.

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World Autism Awareness Month

This quarter CAT is excited to announce that through a partnership with Abilis Foundation we have been able to help the 10 families supported by our youth center to access economic development grants totaling 5 million shillings.  5 families have already received money for their economic projects, and 5 more will receive the money shortly.  Even though our Centre has had to close for Covid we are happy to report that between January and March:

COVID-19 In Tanzania

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Unganisha Elimisha